The following students are advised to contact their supervisor and request for the formation of a supervisory committee.

CIIT/FA16-R01-001/ATD Ayesha Bibi
CIIT/FA16-R01-002/ATD Hafiz Raheel Ahmad Abbasi
CIIT/FA16-R01-006/ATD Sonia Khan
CIIT/FA16-R01-010/ATD Sadaf Afreen Mughal
CIIT/FA16-R01-012/ATD Hira Tahir
CIIT/FA16-R01-018/ATD Mehreen Syed
CIIT/FA16-R01-023/ATD Beenish Bibi
CIIT/FA17-R01-004/ATD Haleema Attique
CIIT/FA17-R01-005/ATD Jawad Bashir
CIIT/FA17-R01-006/ATD Kamran Javaid
CIIT/FA17-R01-007/ATD Sajadul Mulk
CIIT/FA17-R01-009/ATD Umair Yousaf
CIIT/FA17-R01-011/ATD Asad khan
CIIT/FA17-R01-012/ATD Urooj Tariq
CIIT/FA17-R01-013/ATD Yasher Ali
CIIT/FA17-R01-020/ATD Rizwan Ali
CIIT/SP17-R01-001/ATD Adeel Anjum
CIIT/SP17-R01-002/ATD Ali Rehman
CIIT/SP17-R01-013/ATD Shah Jehan
CIIT/SP17-R01-014/ATD Syeda Freiha Tanveer
CIIT/SP17-R01-018/ATD Nadia Perveen
CIIT/FA16-R17-003/ATD Tariq Khan
CIIT/FA16-R17-005/ATD Shad Mohammad
CIIT/FA17-R17-001/ATD Aasher Khan
CIIT/FA17-R17-002/ATD Ahsan Khan
CIIT/FA17-R17-003/ATD Atlas Gulzar
CIIT/FA17-R17-004/ATD Hunia Khalil
CIIT/FA17-R17-005/ATD Maham Nasir
CIIT/FA17-R17-006/ATD Momina Qazi
CIIT/FA17-R17-007/ATD Safi ur Rehman
CIIT/FA17-R17-009/ATD Wajid Khan
CIIT/FA17-R17-010/ATD Laraib Afzal
CIIT/FA17-R17-011/ATD Suryia Ghareeb
CIIT/SP17-R17-001/ATD Bilal Bokhari
CIIT/SP17-R17-004/ATD Javeria Mughal
CIIT/SP17-R17-005/ATD Naseem Khan
CIIT/SP17-R17-006/ATD Zeeshan Haider
CIIT/SP17-R17-007/ATD Irum Bibi


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