Following students are FEE DEFAULTERS who must have paid their remaining dues by now. You MUST submit your dues by 28th June, 2016 to get your Exam Entry Coupon. PMFRS students should also clear their dues as they have received their cheques from HEC->OOD.

Students ready for Thesis final presentations in Spring 2016 should have cleared their all dues otherwise they will not be allowed to appear in the presentations.

Fee Defaulters - 20th June, 2016
1FA13-R01-001Tassawar Ali17,000
2FA15-R01-012Sana Tanveer Raja8,750
3FA15-R01-014Beenish Gul74,250NTS Scholarship
4SP14-R01-009Allah Noor20,500PMFRS
5SP14-R01-010Asif Umer20,500PMFRS
6SP14-R01-011Owais Hakeem26,000PMFRS
7SP14-R01-020Yasir Arafat8,500
8SP15-R01-005Ejaz Ul Haq34,500
9SP15-R01-015Mushtaq Ahmad56,500
10SP15-R01-018Umar Islam44,000PMFRS
11SP16-R01-010Muneeba jadoon50,500
12SP16-R01-012Asad Ihjaz31,250Not coming for classes
13SP15-R61-001Saima Ghaffar25,800PhD
14SP16-R61-001Nuhman Ul Haq35,500PhD In-house
15SP16-R61-002Muhammad Ibtisam Gul62,600PhD In-house

If the outstanding amount shown in the above table is incorrect then inform me.


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