S. No. Registration No. Name CCPA Category Remarks
1 CIIT/FA18-R01-007/ATD Naseem Us Sehar 4 A+  
2 CIIT/FA18-R01-003/ATD Kalsoom Ayaz 3.98 A  
3 CIIT/FA18-R01-009/ATD Mazhar Bukhari 3.82 A  
4 CIIT/FA18-R01-012/ATD Ahsan Zubair 3.66 A  
5 CIIT/FA18-R01-001/ATD Ahmad Saeed 3.59 A  
6 CIIT/FA18-R01-015/ATD Nida Zainab 3.53 B  
7 CIIT/FA18-R01-013/ATD Suliman Khan 3.31 B  
8 CIIT/FA18-R01-008/ATD Nauman Khan 3.26 B  
9 CIIT/FA18-R01-004/ATD Kashif Qamar Abbasi 3.25 B  
10 CIIT/FA18-R01-005/ATD Muhammad Hashim Ali Abbasi 3.05 C  
11 CIIT/FA18-R01-011/ATD Abdul Qadir 3.03 C  

Note: This is a provisional list. The final list will be notified by the graduate office.

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