Graduate Clearance Forms


The following students are required to visit graduate office (CS), Z359, to sign the graduate clearance form. This is important as it contains your credentials to be printed on final transcript. Final date to sign the form is 15/12/2016. The following are the students.

Ser # Registration Number Student Name
01 FA14-RO1-002 Hajra Qadir
02 FA14-RO1-003 Anza Maqbool
03 FA14-RO1-004 Asad Khan
04 FA14-RO1-009 Misbah Ambreen Raza
05 FA14-RO1-010 Zainul Abedin
06 FA14-RO1-013 Sami Ullah Khan
07 FA14-RO1-016 Dure E Shahwar
08 FA14-RO1-017 Maryam Jadoon
09 SP14-RO1-002 Qurat Ul Ain
10 SP14-RO1-011 Owais Hakeem
11 SP14-RO1-019 Khan Zeb
12 SP15-RO1-004 Asmara Jadoon
13 SP15-RO1-011 Usman Ali Khan
14 SP15-RO1-017 Faiza Masood
15 SP15-RO1-018 Umar Islam

First Internal Presentations Results

Results for the first internal presentation have been handed over to your respective supervisors. You can consult your supervisors for suggested changes. All who are clear in the presentation are informed that final internal presentations will be held in the last week of December. At the time of final internal presentation you are required to submit the following documents.

  1. Spiral binding document of your final thesis (Complete)
  2. Research paper from your work, duly signed and approved by your supervisor

Final dates for final internal presentations will be announced soon.

FIT 2016 participation

There is a little change in the list of participant. Please reconfirm your name in the list. Moreover, I need one coordinator from the students who will coordinate with all participating students. Any volunteer please contact me in the graduate office.

14th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT’16) will be held from December 19-21, 2016 at Islamabad Pakistan. The following students are going to participate in FIT. The participation is mandatory and you are requested to schedule your matters accordingly. You can contact graduate office for more information.

  1. All PhD students
  2. Following MS students
    1 CIIT/SP15-R01-001/ATD Aisha Kalsoom
    2 CIIT/SP15-R01-011/ATD Usman Ali Khan
    3 CIIT/SP15-R01-016/ATD Hassan Asghar
    4 CIIT/FA15-R01-010/ATD Sonia Sabir
    5 CIIT/FA15-R01-002/ATD Inayat Ali
    6 CIIT/FA15-R01-005/ATD Owais Khan
    7 CIIT/FA15-R01-015/ATD Anum Khurshid
    8 CIIT/FA15-R01-017/ATD Muhammad Jawad Rafeeq
    9 CIIT/FA16-R17-001/ATD  Adil Adeel
    11 CIIT/FA16-R17-009/ATD Ahsan Majeed
    12 CIIT/FA16-R17-010/ATD Fatima Hameed

Synopsis Presentations Results FA16

The results of synopsis presentation (FA16) can be found in  synopsis results . Students who are clear with changes should contact their supervisors to know what changes are to be made. The changed synopsis (as per latest format ) must be submitted before Nov. 29, 2016. Any synopsis received after due date will not be entertained. Students who are not clear will be representing and dates will be announced soon. They should also contact supervisors to get the updates.


First Internal Thesis Presentation Fall 2016

All of you who are interested in presenting final thesis in this semester (FA16) are required to register themselves for first internal presentation till 24/11/2016. It must be noted that internal presentations are mandatory to go for final defense. Dates for presentation will be communicated soon. You can register yourself by sending an email to till the due date. The email should contain the following information.

Registration ID:
Thesis Title:
Supervisor name:


Synopsis Presentations for Fall 2016 are going to be held from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11 2016. The venue of presentations will be CS discussion room and/or PG Lab. The student will be called randomly for presentations, therefore, it is neccessary that you are present at that time. The Timings of the presentations are following.

Tuesday, Nov.                8 15:00 – 17:00
Wednesday Nov. 9        15:00 – 17:00
Thursday Nov. 10         11:30 – 14:00
Friday Nov. 11               11:30 on wards excluding prayer timings.

Please submit all required documents by Nov. 4 as mentioned in the previous email. Moreover, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ONLY ONE STUDENT FROM ONE BATCH CAN REGISTER WITH ANY SUPERVISOR (ONE SUPERVISOR SHOULD NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE STUDENT OF SAME BATCH). Therefore, if multiple students of same batch are registered with same supervisor , they should change supervisors.

Instructions for New MS Students

Scholarship Categories

  • While the scholarships for 1st semester are given on the basis of your admission merit, it will be revised after every semester based upon last semester’s CGPA.
  • After 1st semester, the number of scholarships in category A,B and C will be 33% of the total class strength.

Offered Courses and Course Registration

Graduate students can register minimum of 6 credit hours (i.e. 2 courses) and a maximum of 12 credit hours (i.e. 4 courses). You are advised to register all 3-core courses (registering minimum 2 core courses is must for 1st semester students). However, it is your own choice to take courses according to the course load you can take.

If you would like to register an elective course then carefully chose a track which you would like to pursue in future.

MS (CS) – Core Courses Offered in Spring 2016


Course Code

Course Title (core courses)

Credit Hours

Faculty Member



Advanced Algorithms Analysis

3(3, 0)



Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture

3(3, 0)



Advanced Topics in Operating Systems

3(3, 0)

MS (CS) – Elective Courses Offered in Spring 2016

Register Courses from one of the following 2 tracks:

 Networks Track
Computer Networks, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Secure Systems

 Intelligent Systems Track

  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
Natural Language Processing, Digital Image Processing, Robotics, Software
Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Social Networks



Time Table

Latest and updated Campus Time table is available at the following link. You will look for timetables with R01 code which is used for MS-CS, R17 code is for Cyber Security:


You should see the timetable quite regularly (everyday) for the first two weeks because it is changed in the beginning due to various reasons. However, it will be freezed in about 2 weeks.

Note: The class of CSC521 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture will be on Saturdays (3 hours). Its time will be communicated to you.

Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule is very important for you to know upcoming events/deadlines. You can download it from the following link:

  • You are advised to include graduate schedule in your own Google Calendar as follows. By doing so, you will also be able to see the upcoming
    events on your mobile (More deadlines and events will appear soon when they are entered by the Graduate Coordinator)
  1. Make sure that you are logged in with your google account
  2. Select OTHER CALENDARS in the left pane
  3. Click on DOWN ARROW symbol
  4. Select ADD BY URL
  5. Select ADD CALENDAR
  6. A new calendar is added called GRADUATE SEMESTER SCHEDULE. It will have all events/deadlines

First day in COMSATS

You are welcome to visit on Monday 29th February, 2016 at 11:00 am to meet your Graduate Coordinator. If you don’t plan to register any elective course then the first Core Course class of Operating Systems will be on Wednesday at 3:00 (see timetable).

Orientation Seminar

  • A formal orientation seminar will be conducted for you. Time, date and place will be communicated later. Kindly note the time and place below:
  • Day and Date: Tuesday,
    March 1, 2016
    Time:         3:00 pm
    Place:        New Auditorium

Access in COMSATS



CUonline ( is a place you will most frequently visit during your MS studies. It links students with teachers, administration, etc. All your academic and administrative matters are recorded and handled through this portal. You will be provided a registration number and login password to access the portal. You will be able to see your marks, fee status, attendance, course contents, CGPA, etc. on this portal. After you get your registration number and password from
Graduate Coordinator, visit following link to login:

  • ·         Username or Registration Number = FA16-R01-??? OR FA16-R17-???
  • ·         Password = Get from Graduate Coordinator

Entrance Card

You will receive entrance card which you need to display when you are in the campus. It take about 2 weeks to get the cards. You will receive it from Graduate Coordinator. Before you receive it, you will be provided a temporary card to prove your identity as COMSATS student (especially on the Main Gate).


Feel free to contact the following:

Academic Matters (courses, registration, timetable, schedule, etc.)

Dr. Mudassar Aslam (on leave till October 14)
Graduate Program Coordinator (Computer
Science Department)
Office: Z-360 (Z block)
Mobile: 0333-5017171

Administrative Matters (Fee submission, Hostel, etc.)

Admission Office