Synopsis Presentation Result

Result of the synopsis presentations are handed over to your respective supervisors. Those who have been suggested with changes in synopsis are required to modify the synopsis as per suggested changes and then do the following:

  1.  Make two hard copies of your synopsis.
  2. Get both signed by supervisor and supervisory committee
  3. sign an undertaking that all suggested changes have been incorporated. Sign this undertaking and also get it signed by your supervisor.
  4. turnitin your proposal and get print of plagiarism report.
  5. submit two hard copies of synopsis, plagiarism report, and undertaking of point 3 to me directly. Due date of submission is April 28, 2017. Reports will not be accepted after due date. 

Synopsis Presentations cancellation for today

The synopsis presentations were scheduled to start at 10:00 AM. However, none of the registered students gave us the honor
to come and present the synopsis. It never remained the custom to allocate slots to the students and this is how it went
and goes on. Now there will be no presentations today and We will end the presentations on April 13 and by then who so ever
is left will not be presenting in this semester. This is no way that you keep on sleeping at homes and faculty waits for
you. Those who were present today and could not present will only be allowed to present at the end.

Synopsis Presentations SP17

All those who have registered for synopsis presentation are informed that presentations will start on April 10, Monday at 10:00 am. Venue of presentations is CS discussion room. Those who have been asked to change the supervisor cannot present synopsis unless they change the supervisor. BEST OF LUCK 🙂

Synopsis Presentation SP17

All those who are planning to present their synopsis proposals in this semester are informed that synopsis
presentations will be held in second week of April (April 10 – April 14, 2017). You are required to prepare your
synopsis report and presentation in the meantime. You are also required to send soft copy of your proposal and
presentation to before April 5, 2017. Any proposal sent after the deadline will not be
entertained in this semester. Things to remeber:

1. There will be only one synopsis presentation that will either be cleared or rejected. In case of rejection, you
will be presenting in next semester.

2. Any supervisor can only supervise 3 (three) thesis at any given time (where 2 co-supervisions make one full
supervision). so be careful in choosing the supervisors.


Synopsis presentation SP17

All those who are planning to present their synopsis in SP17 are required to consult the probable advisers and start their work. The presentations will probably be held in the last week of March. So please be in time to avoid any mishap and extra semester.

Registration of courses

The registration of courses for SP17 has started. You are requested to please register the subjects before the start of semester. If registration option is not available at your console then probably you have not submitted the fee. Please submit the fee and register yourself in the courses. Those who are currently doing their thesis are also requested to register the thesis.