[Important] Last Notice for unregistered students

This is the last notice for the students who have not registered till now (check unregistered students in the previous notice on March 06, 2016) to do SEMESTER REGISTERATION by today (March 10, 2016). Failing to register would mean that you will not be able to present your synopsis/final defence in Spring 2016 and would be marked ABSENT from the semester.

Steps to follow:

  1. Submit your all semester dues (no installment allowed)
  2. Submit Registration Card to Graduate Coordinator (because online registeration is closed)

[Important] Notice for Unregistered Students

Following students have not registered so far either due to their fee not paid or their procrastination in doing online registeration. Students in this list MUST REGISTER BY TUESDAY 8TH MARCH 2016 (deadline has already passed). This list will be updated after 8th and if your name remains in the list you will NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY FAVOUR.

  • Thesis doing students will suffer in their Synopsis/Final presentations eligibility
  • Courses taking students will be marked ABSENT without any attendance fixation later.
Sr. # Registration No Name Status
1 CIIT/FA12-R01-004/ATD Shazia Raj Registered before 8th March
2 CIIT/FA12-R01-006/ATD Naveeda Bibi Un-registered
3 CIIT/FA13-R01-001/ATD Tassawar Ali Un-registered
4 CIIT/FA13-R01-002/ATD Syed Zulqarnain Shah Un-registered
5 CIIT/FA13-R01-006/ATD Tayyaba Irshad registered
6 CIIT/FA13-R01-007/ATD Ambreen Bibi Registered before 8th March
7 CIIT/FA13-R01-009/ATD Sana Siddique Un-registered
8 CIIT/FA13-R01-017/ATD Kanwal Anwar Un-registered
9 CIIT/FA14-R01-008/ATD Alaf Khan Un – registered
10 CIIT/FA14-R01-013/ATD Sami Ullah Khan registered
11 CIIT/SP14-R01-002/ATD Qurat Ul Ain registered
12 CIIT/SP14-R01-003/ATD Muhammad Abrar Khan Registered before 8th March
13 CIIT/SP14-R01-006/ATD Sadaf Iftikhar registered
14 CIIT/SP14-R01-007/ATD Ibrar Hussain registered
15 CIIT/SP14-R01-009/ATD Allah Noor Registered before 8th March
16 CIIT/SP14-R01-011/ATD Owais Hakeem registered
17 CIIT/SP14-R01-012/ATD Muhammad Raheem Registered before 8th March
18 CIIT/SP14-R01-015/ATD Misba Sikandar registered
19 CIIT/SP14-R01-019/ATD Khan Zeb Registered before 8th March
20 CIIT/SP14-R01-020/ATD Yasir Arafat registered
21 CIIT/SP15-R01-015/ATD Mushtaq Ahmad registered
22 CIIT/SP16-R01-004/ATD Nosheen Akhtar Registered before 8th March
23 CIIT/SP16-R01-009/ATD muhammad shohib mir Registered before 8th March
24 CIIT/SP16-R01-010/ATD Muneeba jadoon Registered before 8th March


New Enrolled Students

Following students are enrolled who can register their courses online after logging in the CUonline.

  • Visit https://sis.cuonlineatd.edu.pk/
  • Your username is your Registration Number in this format [SP16-R01-???]. Check your registeration number in the following table
  • Password = Send SMS to Graduate Coordinator (03335017171) to get your password. You must change it after first login.
  • You MUST enter your correct EMAIL and MOBILE NUMBER on first screen.
  • Register your courses after log in.
S.No Registeration No. Name
1 CIIT/SP16-R01-001/ATD chan awais
2 CIIT/SP16-R01-002/ATD Hamza Pervaiz
3 CIIT/SP16-R01-003/ATD Muhammad Naeem
4 CIIT/SP16-R01-004/ATD Nosheen Akhtar
5 CIIT/SP16-R01-005/ATD Sara Shafique
6 CIIT/SP16-R01-006/ATD Umair Malik
7 CIIT/SP16-R01-007/ATD faiza Bibi
8 CIIT/SP16-R01-008/ATD Zeeshan Gul
9 CIIT/SP16-R01-009/ATD muhammad shohib mir
10 CIIT/SP16-R01-010/ATD Muneeba jadoon

Courses of Security Research Area offered

As I told you earlier, two courses of security were wrongly offered which is now corrected. You can now register the courses of Security Research area. If you are interested in doing your thesis in Security Area with Security Research Group (Dr. Mazhar Ali, Dr. Mudassar Aslam, Dr. Eraj Khan, Dr. Usman Shahid) then take these both courses.

S.No Instructor Course Correction Comments
1 Dr. Mudassar Aslam Dealing with Big Data
Security in Cloud Environments (no pre-requisite)
This course does not has any pre-requisite. However, it is recommended to take basic security course as well
2 Dr. Eraj Khan Theory of Computation
Advanced Topics in Information Security
This is the basic course to introduce Information Security. This is must if you want to do your thesis in the Security Area (Cloud Security, IOT Security, Network Security, Platform Security, Wireless Security, etc…)