The following students have not yet registered any course in this semester. Timely payment of fees and registring courses solely student’s responsiblity. Those students who have completed their course work must register for thesis otherwise they can neigher get their synopsis approved nor defend their thesis.

Reg # Name Fee Status
CIIT/FA16-R01-002/ATD Hafiz Raheel Ahmad Abbasi Defaulter
CIIT/FA16-R01-023/ATD Beenish Bibi Defaulter
CIIT/SP15-R01-015/ATD Mushtaq Ahmad Defaulter
CIIT/SP16-R01-001/ATD Chan Awais Defaulter
CIIT/SP16-R01-009/ATD Muhammad Shohib Mir Defaulter
CIIT/SP17-R01-011/ATD Sardar Alam Defaulter
CIIT/SP17-R01-012/ATD Zahra Tariq Defaulter
CIIT/SP18-R01-002/ATD Haseeb Hamdan Defaulter
CIIT/SP18-R01-020/ATD Sardar Muhammad Ali Paid


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