1. Sequence of Events and Timeline

You are advised to follow the calendar as guided in the following section 3. Deadlines so that any change in the dates written in the following table is known to you.

TBA GCCS – Thesis/Synopsis Seminar – A Block (Room # 220)
Fri 28 Oct
GCCS – Register for Synopsis Presentation (last date)
Fri 04 Nov GCCS – Submission of Synopsis Hardcopy + Presentation Slides + Softcopy Turnitin (last date)
07-11 Nov GCCS – Synopsis Presentations Week
TBA GCCS – Internal Final Presentation Start
TBA [New] GCCS – Review presentation + Paper Submission (supervisor)
TBA Final Thesis Defence (last day)
TBA Submission of Hard bound Thesis to Exam (last day)
TBA Final Result Notification

2. Synopsis Process

2.1 Synopsis Writing

Step 1: Follow synopis template which has necessary guideline to write each part of it. Template can be downloaded from here (Synopsis Format – MS- New (15-04-2014)). DO NOT get it from old students because then you might get an older version which WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

You are strongly recommended to read the ???Guide – The logics of the plan??? document to better understand the organization of your writing.

We arrange a seminar before synopsis presentations in each semester to guide you about synopsis/thesis writting.

2.2 Synopsis Soft Copy Submission (Plagiarism Detection)

Step 2: Submit soft copy of your synopsis using Turnitin as described below:

In COMSATS, we use Turnitin which??is an??Internet-based??plagiarism-prevention service. You are required to submit your Thesis through this system to the Graduate Coordinator who will check the similarity index (i.e. percentage of your thesis content similar to existing body of research) which should NOT BE MORE THAN 20%. Submission will be done using following steps:

  1. Create a Student Account by visiting https://turnitin.com/newuser_type.asp?lang=en_us
  2. Click on Student.
  3. Enter Class ID :??13849436
  4. Enter Enrolment Password:??650329
  5. Fill rest of the form to complete your Account creation.
  6. If you already have Turnitin account, just login and select ENROLL IN A CLASS, enter Class ID and Enrolment Password given above in step 3.
  7. Log in to see the Class which is 2016-Fall MS Thesis. Click on this class.
  8. Submit your Synopsis or Thesis. Make sure that you have selected ???Single File Upload??? option.
  9. Name of the file should be formatted as shown in the above figure; that is:


  1. Finally upload your thesis file. You will be able to see your thesis similarity index but be sure to upload only after you have made your final copy. You might not be able to resubmit afterwards.

2.3 Synopsis Hard Copy Submission

Step 3: Submit hard copy which will be approved and sent to the DEAN office after department evaluation. There are few common mistakes that you should not make:

  • Wrong/old synopsis template is used
  • Students forget to sign their synopsis
  • Students do not provide Tentative Time Plan or it is not realistic
  • Students do not change the sample Gantt Chart in the template
  • References are not properly formatted (IEE style should be used)
  • All committee members should have signed the synopsis

2.4 Synopsis Presentation Registration

Step 4: You MUST REGISTER for the synopsis presentation by filling a form at the following link (not later than Friday 28th October, 2016):


2.5 Synopsis Presentation

Step 5: There is NO presentation template as such; however your presentation MUST have slides to include the following as written in the synopsis:

  • Introduction
  • Motivations
  • Related Work
  • Problem Statement
  • Research Methodology
  • References

Presentations will be conducted as per GCCS – Synopsis Presentation Start Date in the semester Schedule. The exact date and time of each student will be communicated later after you have registered for the presenations.

3. Deadlines

Important Dates and Deadlines related to synopsis and thesis can be seen in the Graduate Program Semester Schedule available in the following forms:
Option 1 Graduate Program Semester Schedule

(campus document)

Download pdf

(the changes in the schedule and department events are not included)

Option 2


Graduate Program Semester Schedule

(Google Calendar)

See “Steps to Import this Calendar to your Google Calendars
Option 3 Monthly View View on GCCS Blog here
Option 4 Upcoming Events View on Blogs home page (right frame)