Graduate Program Strength
S.NoSemesterNew Students in this semesterTotal MS StudentsTotal PhD Students
1Spring 201615 (13 MS, 2 PhD)797
Pass out MS Students - Fall 2015
S.NoRegistration#NameSupervisorThesis Title
1SP14-R01-016SalahuddinDr. Ahmed DinFormation and Formation-Reconfiguration with Swarm of Autonomous UAVs In Outdoor Scenarios
2FA13-R01-005Nudrat HabibDr Waqas AnwarUrdu Dependency Parsing and Treebank Development/Validation
3SP14-R01-017Ubaid Ur RahmanDr. Kashif BilalCloud Simulator - Nutshell
4FA13-R01-018Waheed Ur RehmanDr. Tassawar IqbalEfficient Keyboard Interfaces for Urdu
5FA12-R01-007Romana SaeedDr. Fiaz Gul KhanPCA-based Face Recognition with Eigenfaces on GPU using OpenCL
6FA13-R01-004Shams UllahDr.Eraj KhanA Lightweight Privacy Preserving Scheme for Home Area Networks (HAN)
Pass out MS Students - Spring 2015
S.NoRegistration#NameSupervisorThesis Title
1FA11-R01-015Sabahat MirDr. Waqas AnwarAnalytical Approach Using Structural Features for Printed Urdu Character Recognition
2FA12-R01-002Syed Faraz AhmadDr. Tassawar IqbalHypermedia Adaptive e-Learning Systems Based on Students Learning Styles
3FA12-R01-017Kinza SattarDr. Sajjad Ahmad MadaniEnhanced Task-Oriented Mechanism for VM Placement in Clouds
4FA12-R01-020Shaheen GulDr. Waqas AnwarFeatures Based Identification of Embedded MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) Terms by Machine Learning Approach
5FA12-R01-026Ali Bin AbidDr. Babar NazirFault Tolerant VM Provisioning in Cloud Data Centers
6FA13-R01-012MehjabeenDr.AhmaddinBehaviour Based Swarm Robotics Search and Rescue (SAR) Using Soft Computing