Form Details Download
After New Admission
CIIT Email Form All MS and PhD students are eligible to get ciit email account like This email is must to register for VPN account. CIIT E-mail Form
VPN Account Form VPN account is used to access HEC digital Library which will be required to download scholarly article, research publications etc. VPN Request Form
Montly Progress Report If you are MS Student and getting monthly stipend on A+ category, then you will be required to submit Montly Progress Report to the Department Coordinator (DOO Office) not later than the last date of every month. If you fail to submit this report then your stipend will be stopped. Monthly Progress Report
Forms/Templates Downloads
Synopsis Template Latest Synopsis Template must be followed otherwise it will not be accepted. Download MS or PhD Synopsis Template. Synopsis Format – MS- New (15-04-2014)

Synopsis Format PhD – New (15-04-2014)

Synopsis Approval The synopsis approval form must be attached with synopsis for approval by the Dean. Approval of Synopsis Form
Formation of Supervisory Committee Students registered for thesis must have a supervisor and supervisory committee for preparing synopsis Formation of Provisional Supervisory Committee Form
Thesis Template Thesis formatting guidelines and MS word Template. Please note that the bibliography and citation must be in IEEE style.
Graduating Students
Turnitin Originality Report After Final Thesis Defence, you will be required to submit the TURNITIN ORGINALITY REPORT. This will be generated by Turnitin system when you submit the Final Draft of your thesis through Turnitin. Your thesis similarity index (evaluated by Turnitin) should be less than 20%. You should have submitted your Thesis Final copy through Turnitin. Get a print of your report.

Students who have defended before Spring 2015 can send an email to

Certificate of Originality After Final Thesis Defence, you will be required to submit the CERTIFICATE OF ORGINALITY along with your Thesis Hard Bound copies Certificate of Originality
Department Clearance Certificate After completing your MS/PhD, you will be required to submit Department Clearance Certificate. Department Clearance Certificate
Minor Changes Certificate A minor changes certificate is also required along with your thesis hard bound copies minor changes certificate