Admission in Computer Science Department, CIIT Abbottabad

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: The General Eligibility for MS programs is as follows:

  • 16 year degree
  • CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system) OR Minimum 1st Division (annual system)
  • No 3rd division in academic career OR No ???D??? grade in academic career
  • NTS GAT (General) with minimum 50 score

You can apply if you have Previous Education in one of the following areas:

  • 4 year BS in BE in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication and Networks, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology
  • MCS / MIT / MSc in (Statistics / Physics / Applied Physics / Mathematics / Electronics) along with BCS / BIT
  • Other relevant areas

Q: What is the application process?
A: A complete stepwise demo of the application process can be found at the following link:

Q: What is the admisson process?
A:Details of the admission process can be found on Page#10 of the Graduate Admission Guide 2016-17. You are advised to read this short document for relevant details.

Q: What are the key dates/deadlines?
A: Key deadlines can also be found on the Admission Advertisement which can be downloaded from here : Admissions Advertisement.

Q: What graduate programs are offered at the COMSATS Abbottabad Campus?
A: The Department of Computer Science in Abbottabad Campus has a good number of foreign qualified PhD faculty which allows us to offer the following graduate programs:
  • MS in Computer Science
  • MS in Cyber Security (new program offered from Fall 2016)
  • PhD in Computer Science

Q: What is the main strength of the Department of Computer Science in Abbottabad Campus?
A: The department of Computer Science in Abbottabad Campus has highly qualified faculty that comprises of 27 foreign qualified PhDs in diverse areas (see CS Faculty Profile here). Due to this reason, we offer research to our graduate students in various areas which gives them freedom to choose their own area of interest. Other than this, CS Department’s BS (CS) program has been ranked ‘W’ by NCEAC (HEC), which is the highest category received by only top Pakistani universities. This indicates the highest educational quality standards prevailing in our department.

Q: What are the research areas within a gradaute program?
A: If you do MS or PhD in Computer Science, you can choose one of the following research tracks offered by the respective research group (see CS Research Groups here):

  • Computer Networks (including cloud computing)
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Software Engineering/ Intelligent Systems
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Security (consider taking admission in MS in Cyber Security)

Q: What courses are taught in MS (CS, Cyber Security) and PhD (CS) programs?
A: The approved Scheme of Study (SoS) is available online from where you can see list of core and elective courses for a specific graduate program. Elective courses are offered to train students in one of the specialized tracks listed above.

Q: What is the Fee Structure?
A: Total Fee of 2 year MS Program (inclusive of everything) = 22000 + (42500 * 4) =?? Rs. 192, 000. Break up of this fee is as follows:

  • Total Tution Fee of the MS Program is Rs. 108,000 (divided equally in 4 semesters).
  • One time extra charges of Rs. 22,000 for admission/security in the first semester
  • Registration, Lab charges etc of Rs. 15,500 in every semester.

Details of CIIT Fee structure can be seen at :

It is important to note here that CS Department, CIIT Abbottabad offers merit scholarships to 67% of the class e.g. 14 out of 20 students will be on scholarship. This merit scholarship is called CATEGORIES. See details in the following question.

Q: Are there any scholarships for the graduate program?
A: COMSATS is a public sector university which means that you can avail any National/governmental or International scholarship. For example, many students belonging to less developed areas of Pakistan are availing Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme Grant which covers all their educational expenses. A complete list of possible funding oppertunites can be seen at the Office of Development webpage (click here).

A unique feature of CS graduate program in Abbottabad campus is the provision of Fee Waiver for 66% of the admitted students in each batch called Scholarship categories. It is a merit based scholarship; the merit list is created at the start of each semester. The first semester merit is based on admission score whereas it is redefined after each semester based on students’ GPA.

  • Category A+ : Top student (at the time of admission and/or the one having highest CGPA in the previous semester) gets 100% fee waiver + Rs. 15000/month stipend
  • Category A: Top 33% students of the class receive 100% fee waiver (for the whole semester)
  • Category B: Next 33% students of the class receive 50% fee waiver (for the whole semester)
  • Category C: Only last 33% students on merit have to pay the full fee.
MS Fee Structure
Category1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem4th SemTotal Charges
A+ (stipend 15000/month)37,50015,50015,50015,50084,000 (Total Stipend = 250,000 approx.)
A (100% Fee waiver)37,50015,50015,50015,50084,000
B (50% Fee waiver)51,00029,00029,00029,000138,000
C (Full Fee)64,50042,50042,50042,500192000

Q: What will be the time table of MS Program?
A: General MS class timings are from 1:15 to 6:15 (Monday to Friday). However, your timetable depends upon the courses that you have registered. As a reference you can see the following timetables of 2 students in current semester:

Timetable of a 2nd Semester student
Day1:15 to 2:453:00 to 4:304:45 to 6:15
MondayAdvanced Topics in Distributed Systems F3 Dr. Fiaz Gul KhanSecurity in Cloud Environment Z109 Dr. Mudassar Aslam
TuesdaySecurity in Cloud Environment Z213 Dr. Mudassar AslamAdvanced Topics in Information Security Z219 Dr. Eraj Khan
WednesdayPerformance Evaluation of Networks E1 Dr. Osman KhalidAdvanced Topics in Information Security Z209 Dr. Eraj Khan
ThursdayAdvanced Topics in Distributed Systems E4 Dr. Fiaz Gul KhanPerformance Evaluation of Networks E1 Dr. Osman Khalid

Timetable of a 1st Semester student
Day1:15 to 2:453:00 to 4:304:45 to 6:15
WednesdayAdvanced Topics in Operating Systems F3 Dr. Attiqa Rehman
ThursdayAdvanced Algorithms Analysis E2 Dr. Muhammad Usman Shahid KhanAdvanced Topics in Operating Systems Graduate LB Dr. Attiqa Rehman
FridayAdvanced Algorithms Analysis F1 Dr. Muhammad Usman Shahid Khan
SaturdayAdvanced Topics in Computer Architecture Z215 Dr. Shafqat Khan (9:00 - 12:00)

Note: sometimes we have classes on Saturdays (in case of visiting faculty).

Q: [USEFUL LINKS] From where can I download Prospectus, Admission Guide?
A: Download from the following links:


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Graduate Program Coordinator
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