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First Internal Thesis Presentation Fall 2016

All of you who are interested in presenting final thesis in this semester (FA16) are required to register themselves for first internal presentation till 24/11/2016. It must be noted that internal presentations are mandatory to go for final defense. Dates for presentation will be communicated soon. You can register yourself by sending an email to till the due date. The email should contain the following information.

Registration ID:
Thesis Title:
Supervisor name:


Synopsis Presentations for Fall 2016 are going to be held from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11 2016. The venue of presentations will be CS discussion room and/or PG Lab. The student will be called randomly for presentations, therefore, it is neccessary that you are present at that time. The Timings of the presentations are following.

Tuesday, Nov.                8 15:00 – 17:00
Wednesday Nov. 9        15:00 – 17:00
Thursday Nov. 10         11:30 – 14:00
Friday Nov. 11               11:30 on wards excluding prayer timings.

Please submit all required documents by Nov. 4 as mentioned in the previous email. Moreover, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ONLY ONE STUDENT FROM ONE BATCH CAN REGISTER WITH ANY SUPERVISOR (ONE SUPERVISOR SHOULD NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE STUDENT OF SAME BATCH). Therefore, if multiple students of same batch are registered with same supervisor , they should change supervisors.

External Final Thesis Presentations

Dear Students!
Your final presentations are scheduled to start at 08:30 am as per the schedule below. The presentations will be conducted simultaneously in Z-block 2nd floor and Main Conference Room. You must come IN TIME and all prepared with the following:

1. Your own laptop
2. Your presentation copy in USB (as backup to avoid any mishap)
3. You are NOT required to bring the “Final Approval Page”. I will make it available. This will be signed by the External Examiner (its usually 4th page on your thesis)

Your supervisor might not be present in your presentation because tomorrow will be your day. You have done your work and you know it the best – SO HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE in yourself and shine.

Best of luck.

Schedule of Presentation (Start at 8:30 am)

External Final Thesis Presentation Thursday 28-07-2016
FA13-R01-017Kanwal AnwarDr. Safdar ZamanOffline Machine Written Character Recognition Through Writing Layout Using Signal and Quantitative Pattern Formation for Urdu Nastalique Font
FA14-R01-015Omer IqbalDr. Waqas JadoonRobust Face Image Classification via Collaborative Representation Framework under Limited Number of Samples and Partially Noised Conditions.
SP14-R01-006Sadaf IftikharDr. Abbas KhalidMitigation of Noise using Fuzzy Logic Based Convolutional Codes over a Power Line Channel
FA12-R01-004Shazia RajDr. Muhammad Waqas AnwarUrdu-to-English Statistical Machine Translation - Learning when to Transliterate
SP14-R01-010Asif UmerDr. Fiaz GulAdaptive Market Oriented Double Auction Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
SP14-R01-015Misba SikandarDr. Muhammad Waqas AnwerIdentification of Human Protein Complexes using Biological and Topological Feature of Protein Protein Interaction Network
SP14-R01-013ZenibDr. Shahzad Ali Pattern Formation and Communication in Multiple Swarm Networked Robotics
External Final Thesis Presentation Friday 29-07-2016
SP14-R01-004Zulfiqar AhmadDr. Babar NazirA Fault Tolerant Workflow Management System with QoS aware Scheduling for Scientific Workflows in Clouds
FA13-R01-010Mehreen IftikharDr. Iftikhar Ahmed KhanDesigning a Software Programing Curriculm for Inductive Teaching
FA12-R01-021Abdur RazaqDr. Muhammad Waqas AnwarNested Named Entity Recognition System for Urdu Language
FA14-R01-018Muhammad Usman Dr. Muhammad Waqas AnwarNoun Phrase Chunking in Urdu

Result – Internal Final Presentation Spring 2016

Internal Final Thesis presentations were held during July 14-20 by the Department Advisory Committee (DAC). The result of each evaluation can be downloaded from here: Result – Internal Final Presentations SP 2016


  1. Do changes as suggested by the DAC. Contact supervisor. If suggested changes are not done before External Presentation and are pointed out by the External Examiner then you will be required to DO MAJOR CHANGES which means that extra semester will be required.
  2. Submit your Thesis through Turnitin by July 22, 2016.
  3. Submit your Thesis spiral binding (1 copy) by July 27, 2016 to be given to the External Examiner
  4. Email final presentation to by July 27, 2016.
  5. Following students are document defaulters. Your Final Presentation will not be conducted if your file is not completed by Monday 25th July, 2016.
FA12-R01-004 Shazia Raj Recent Picture Required
FA12-R01-021 Abdur Razaq Graduate Clearence Certificate Not Received
FA13-R01-010 Mehreen Iftikhar Graduate Clearence Certificate Not Received
FA13-R01-017 Kanwal Anwar Recent Picture Required
SP14-R01-004 Zulfiqar Ahmad Graduate Clearence Certificate Not Received
SP14-R01-010 Asif Umer Graduate Clearence Certificate Not Received
SP14-R01-013 Zenib Graduate Clearence Certificate Not Received
SP14-R01-015 Misba Sikandar Graduate Clearence Certificate Not Received


  1. Do changes as suggested by the DAC. Contact supervisor and see feedback in Turnitin.
  2. DAC can conduct representation and external defence in the first month of Fall 2016 semester.

Internal Final Thesis Presentations

This message is in continuation to the previous message (see here).

Internal Final Thesis Presentations will be conducted from Wednesday, July 13, 2016. In order to appear for the presentation you MUST HAVE DONE the following by July 12, 2016:

  1. Complete Draft of Paper submitted to the supervisor and also submitted to the DAC through Turnitin as mandated and informed at the start of the semester
  2. Certificate of paper submission signed by the supervisor to be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator (Download from here)
  3. First draft of Thesis to be submitted through Turnitin for onward review by the External Examiner
  4. All fee dues cleared.


Submit Outstanding dues by 28th

Following students are FEE DEFAULTERS who must have paid their remaining dues by now. You MUST submit your dues by 28th June, 2016 to get your Exam Entry Coupon. PMFRS students should also clear their dues as they have received their cheques from HEC->OOD.

Students ready for Thesis final presentations in Spring 2016 should have cleared their all dues otherwise they will not be allowed to appear in the presentations.

Fee Defaulters - 20th June, 2016
1FA13-R01-001Tassawar Ali17,000
2FA15-R01-012Sana Tanveer Raja8,750
3FA15-R01-014Beenish Gul74,250NTS Scholarship
4SP14-R01-009Allah Noor20,500PMFRS
5SP14-R01-010Asif Umer20,500PMFRS
6SP14-R01-011Owais Hakeem26,000PMFRS
7SP14-R01-020Yasir Arafat8,500
8SP15-R01-005Ejaz Ul Haq34,500
9SP15-R01-015Mushtaq Ahmad56,500
10SP15-R01-018Umar Islam44,000PMFRS
11SP16-R01-010Muneeba jadoon50,500
12SP16-R01-012Asad Ihjaz31,250Not coming for classes
13SP15-R61-001Saima Ghaffar25,800PhD
14SP16-R61-001Nuhman Ul Haq35,500PhD In-house
15SP16-R61-002Muhammad Ibtisam Gul62,600PhD In-house

If the outstanding amount shown in the above table is incorrect then inform me.


1st Internal Final Thesis Presentations

MS students who have completed their research work can appear for the 1st internal presentation of the Final Thesis. If your supervisor is satisfied with your work then come prepared for the presentations starting from Tuesday 21st June, 2016. You must register for the presentation not later than Monday 20th June, 2016 by filling a form at the following link:–FUyU-SNxE-ZhE3V6SQEm09Fs9_L7dOLU0TI/viewform?usp=send_form

Thesis Presentation

There is NO presentation template as such; however your presentation MUST have slides to include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Motivations
  • Related Work
  • Problem Statement
  • Research Methodology
  • Proposed Solution
  • Results/Evaluation
  • Conclusion/Future Work
  • References

Send your presentation to

Next Step:

You are not required to submit anything at this stage except emailing your presentation. However, keep in mind that to be allowed to appear for the external exam, following pre-requisites are MUST:

  • Satisfactory presentation of your thesis work approved by the Department Advisory Committee (starting from Tuesday 21st)
  • Paper submission by 11th July, 2016 (to DAC through Turnitin)
  • 2nd presentation (representation) of the suggested changes to be held after 11th July, 2016 (if suggested in the 1st presentations)

Students who will clear these requirements will be recommended for the External Final Thesis Presentations starting from 25th July, 2016

[Update] Synopsis + Thesis doing students

  • The result of synopsis presentations of the fee defaulters was upheld in the previous post is now available after they have submitted their dues
  • Revised date of synopsis submission is changed to June 10, 2016
  • Students who are required to represent their synopsis will have a short presentation after June 13, 2016
  • Revised date of Final thesis internal presentation is from June 13, 2016. A detailed information of steps to be followed will be posted later. Meanwhile, you may meet your supervisors and finalize your presentations.
  • No one will be allowed to appear for the external final presentation without submitting his/her work as technical paper (submitted to a journal or ready to submit) to the Department Advisory Committee.