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Internet of Things, Raspberry PIs, Linux O/S, and Python Programming

A workshop is arranged by CS Department in which students will be presented with basics of Internet of Things, Raspberry PIs, Linux O/S, and Python Programming. Some demos will be presented of IoT equipment, including sensor reading, sensor programming using Python, and linux. All those interested in IoT, sensors, raspberry Pis, python programming, and linux are highly encouraged to join. Date 19 Oct. Venue: Main Auditorium, 10:00 AM

Synopsis Presentations FA17

All those who are planning to present their synopsis proposals in this semester are informed that synopsis
presentations will be held from October 23 – October 27, 2017. You are required to prepare your
synopsis report and presentation in the meantime. You are also required to send soft copy of your proposal and
presentation to before October 19, 2017. Any proposal sent after the deadline will not be
entertained in this semester. Things to remeber:

1. There will be only one synopsis presentation that will either be cleared or rejected. In case of rejection, you
will be presenting in next semester.

2. Any supervisor can only supervise 3 (three) thesis at any given time (where 2 co-supervisions make one full
supervision). so be careful in choosing the supervisors.


Schedule for First Internal Presentations

Following is the schedule for first internal presentations. Note that every student has got a specific time slot of 30 minutes. You have to complete your presentation in 20 minutes and 10 minutes are for laptop setting and question answers. Anyone who misses the time slot will not be entertained.

Sr. # ID Name Date Time
1 SP15-R01-009 Syed Awais Kazmi 09-Oct-17 10:00 AM
2  SP15-R01-003 Aqsa Batool 09-Oct-17 10:40 AM
3 SP15-R01-016 Hassan Asghar 09-Oct-17 11:20 AM
4 Sp15-R01-004 Asmara Jadoon 09-Oct-17 12:00Noon
5 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah khan 09-Oct-17 3:30 PM
6 SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor 10-Oct-17 10:00 AM
7 Sp15-R01-017 Faiza Masood 10-Oct-17 10:40 AM
8  FA15-R01-010 Sonia Sabir 10-Oct-17 11:20 AM
9 Fa14-R01-017 Maryam Jadoon 10-Oct-17 12:00Noon
10 SP14-R01-007 Ibrar Hussain 10-Oct-17 12:40 PM
11 SP15-R01-018 Umar Islam 10-Oct-17 3:00 PM
12 FA14-R01-012 Seemal Zia 11-Oct-17 10:00 AM
13 FA15-R01-014 Beenish Gul 11-Oct-17 10:40 AM
14 SP15-R01-001 Aisha Kalsoom 11-Oct-17 11:20 AM
15 FA14-R01-002 Hajra Qadir 11-Oct-17 12:00Noon
16 SP14-RO1-001 Awais Sajjad 11-Oct-17 12:40 PM
17 FA15-R01-016 Ayesha jadoon 12-Oct-17 10:00 AM
18 SP15-R01-002 Altaf Ur Rahman 12-Oct-17 10:40 AM
19 SP16-R01-009 M. Shohib Mir 12-Oct-17 11:20 AM
20 FA15-R01-004 Mulika Fatima 12-Oct-17 12:00Noon
21 SP14-R01-018 Muhammad Siddique 12-Oct-17 12:40 PM
22 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah khan 13-Oct-17 10:00 AM
23  FA14-R01-016 Dureshahwar 13-Oct-17 10:40 AM

For students who defended synopsis in SP17.. VERY IMPORTANT


The following students who defended their synopsis in SP17 are requested to please submit turnitin similarity report at their earliest as per new requirements for approval of synopsis. Moreover, they are also required to fill in a new form that can be collected from my office. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AS YOUR SYNOPSIS ARE STILL IN APPROVAL PROCESS AND YOU CANNOT PRESENT YOUR THESIS WITHOUT APPROVAL.

No Registration Name Thesis Title
1 SP14-R01-001 Awais Sajjad Code Review Based Energy Estimation for Network Data Dependent Applications.
2 FA14-R01-003 Anza Maqbool An Enhanced Content-Based Image Retrieval System in Compressed Domain.
3 FA14-R01-007 Aamir Ali Energy Efficient Resource Management in Fog Computing.
4 SP15-R01-002 Altaf ur Rehman Predicting DNA Methylation Site using machine learning Techniques.
5 SP15-R01-003 Aqsa Batool Comparison of template & statistical Natural Language Generation (NLG) of Urdu Text for cricket commentary.
6 SP15-RO1-005 Ejaz Ul Haq Fog-Enabled Real Time Recommendation System for Road Traffic Congestion Avoidance.
7 FA15-R01-013 Waleed Akbar Fog Enabled Venue based Context Aware Recommendation System.
8 FA15-R01-014 Beenish Gul A Joint CPU-RAM based Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Clouds.
9 FA15-R01-016 Ayesha Jadoon Linear Collaborative representation learning approach for Dimensionality Reduction.
10 SP16-R01-003 Muhammad Naeem Predicting Sentiment Bias using Personality Traits of Users on YouTube.
11 SP16-R01-006 Umair Malik Fine-grained Topical Community Detection in Social Networks.
12 SP16-R01-007 Faiza Bibi Optimizing Cache Placement Policy in Information Centric Networks using Fog Computing.
13 SP16-RO1-009 Muhammad Sohaib Mir Automatic Text Summarization for Urdu.
14 FA15-R01-003 Komal Malik Rotational and Scale Invariant Animated Logo Detection and Classification


Final External Presentations (SP17)

The students who are cleared for final presentations are informed that presentations are scheduled to start at 09:30 am on
July 24, 2017. The presentations will be conducted in Z-block Main Conference Room. You are required to send me soft copy
of your final thesis by Monday July 17, 2017 (This is very important). You must come IN TIME and all prepared with the

1. One spiral binding copy of your final thesis.
2. Your own laptop
3. Your presentation copy in USB
3. You are NOT required to bring the “Final Approval Page”. I will make it available. This will be signed by the External
Examiner (its usually 4th page on your thesis)

Your supervisor might not be present in your presentation because that will be your day. You have done your work and you
know it the best – SO HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE in yourself and shine.

Best of luck.

Schedule of First Internal Presentation

Following is the Schedule of first internal presentation. The venue is CS discussion room. Please note the date and time of your presentation and be in time. All the Best!!!


Registration # Student Name Date Time
FA13-R01-001 Tassawr Ali 2-May-17 10:00am
SP14-R01-019  Khan Zeb 2-May-17 10:00am
FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah Khan 2-May-17 10:00am
SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor 2-May-17 10:00am
FA15-R01-017 Muhammad Jawad Rafeeq 2-May-17 10:00am
FA15-R01-007 Zain Arshad 3-May-17 10:00am
Fa15-R01-005 Owais Khan 3-May-17 10:00am
FA14-R01-002  Hajra Qadir 3-May-17 10:00am
FA15-R01-015 Anum  Khurshid 3-May-17 10:00am
FA14-R01-012 Seemal Zia 3-May-17 10:00am
FA15-R01-004 Mulika Fatima 4-May-17 10:00am
SP15-R01-015 Mushtaq Ahmad 4-May-17 10:00am
Sp14-R01-018  Muhammad  Siddique 4-May-17 10:00am
Sp15-R01-017 Faiza Masood 4-May-17 10:00am

Synopsis Presentation Result

Result of the synopsis presentations are handed over to your respective supervisors. Those who have been suggested with changes in synopsis are required to modify the synopsis as per suggested changes and then do the following:

  1.  Make two hard copies of your synopsis.
  2. Get both signed by supervisor and supervisory committee
  3. sign an undertaking that all suggested changes have been incorporated. Sign this undertaking and also get it signed by your supervisor.
  4. turnitin your proposal and get print of plagiarism report.
  5. submit two hard copies of synopsis, plagiarism report, and undertaking of point 3 to me directly. Due date of submission is April 28, 2017. Reports will not be accepted after due date. 

Synopsis Presentations SP17

All those who have registered for synopsis presentation are informed that presentations will start on April 10, Monday at 10:00 am. Venue of presentations is CS discussion room. Those who have been asked to change the supervisor cannot present synopsis unless they change the supervisor. BEST OF LUCK 🙂