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Final External Presentation of three students

The following students have their final presentations scheduled to start at 08:30 am on December 27, 2016.

Reg. # Name
CIIT/FA13-R01-006/ATD Tayyaba Irshad
CIIT/FA13-R01-007/ATD Ambreen Bibi
CIIT/SP14-R01-011/ATD Owais Hakeem

The presentations will be conducted in Z-block Main Conference Room. You must come IN TIME and all prepared with the following:

1. One spiral binding copy of your final thesis.
2. Your own laptop
3. Your presentation copy in USB (as backup to avoid any mishap. You are also required to send me soft copy of your presentation before Dec. 25)
3. You are NOT required to bring the “Final Approval Page”. I will make it available. This will be signed by the External Examiner (its usually 4th page on your thesis)

Your supervisor might not be present in your presentation because that will be your day. You have done your work and you know it the best – SO HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE in yourself and shine.

Best of luck.

Final Internal Presentations

Final internal presentations will be held from Dec. 26 – Dec 29, 2016. Presenting students are required to email a copy of their final thesis and research paper to Following is the list of students and schedule. Please note date against your name. The presentation will start at 10:00 am each day.


Sr. # Reg. ID Name Presentation Date
1 SP14-R01-012 Muhammad Raheem Dec. 26, 2016
2 SP14-R01-019 Khan Zeb Dec. 26, 2016
3 FA14-R01-010 Zain ulabedin Dec. 26, 2016
4  FA13-R01-001 Tassawar Ali Dec. 26, 2016
5  FA14-R01-004 Asad Khan Dec. 28, 2016
6 SP14-R01-003 Muhammad Abrar Khan Dec. 28, 2016
7 SP14-R01-002 Qurat-ul-ain Dec. 28, 2016
8 FA12-R01-008 Hafiz Muhammad Shakeel Dec. 28, 2016
9 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah Khan Dec. 29, 2016
10 FA14-R01-017 Maryam Jadoon Dec. 29, 2016

First Internal Presentations Results

Results for the first internal presentation have been handed over to your respective supervisors. You can consult your supervisors for suggested changes. All who are clear in the presentation are informed that final internal presentations will be held in the last week of December. At the time of final internal presentation you are required to submit the following documents.

  1. Spiral binding document of your final thesis (Complete)
  2. Research paper from your work, duly signed and approved by your supervisor

Final dates for final internal presentations will be announced soon.

Synopsis Presentations Results FA16

The results of synopsis presentation (FA16) can be found in  synopsis results . Students who are clear with changes should contact their supervisors to know what changes are to be made. The changed synopsis (as per latest format ) must be submitted before Nov. 29, 2016. Any synopsis received after due date will not be entertained. Students who are not clear will be representing and dates will be announced soon. They should also contact supervisors to get the updates.


First Internal Thesis Presentation Fall 2016

All of you who are interested in presenting final thesis in this semester (FA16) are required to register themselves for first internal presentation till 24/11/2016. It must be noted that internal presentations are mandatory to go for final defense. Dates for presentation will be communicated soon. You can register yourself by sending an email to till the due date. The email should contain the following information.

Registration ID:
Thesis Title:
Supervisor name:


Synopsis Presentations for Fall 2016 are going to be held from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11 2016. The venue of presentations will be CS discussion room and/or PG Lab. The student will be called randomly for presentations, therefore, it is neccessary that you are present at that time. The Timings of the presentations are following.

Tuesday, Nov.                8 15:00 – 17:00
Wednesday Nov. 9        15:00 – 17:00
Thursday Nov. 10         11:30 – 14:00
Friday Nov. 11               11:30 on wards excluding prayer timings.

Please submit all required documents by Nov. 4 as mentioned in the previous email. Moreover, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ONLY ONE STUDENT FROM ONE BATCH CAN REGISTER WITH ANY SUPERVISOR (ONE SUPERVISOR SHOULD NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE STUDENT OF SAME BATCH). Therefore, if multiple students of same batch are registered with same supervisor , they should change supervisors.

[PhD Students only] Graduate Student Progress Profile (GraSPP)

All PhD students of the department are advised to login to their CUonline consoles and submit their portion of the Graduate Student Progress Profile (GraSPP) proforma. This is the same proforma you had been submitting in hard-copy after every semester. You should be able to edit->save->submit your part of the proforma after which your supervisor will fill his/her part along with comments.

  • Fill in your proforma carefully after close consultation with your supervisory committee.
  • We will arrange your presentations in the next week wherein you will present your work and progress during Spring 2016. Your GraSPP proforma should reflect everything that you have done (research activities, publications, courses, etc.). You will be required to present even if you are in your first year (e.g. courses taken, supervisor selection, PhD plan, etc.). As this is the first time submission through CUonline, you may also include activities submitted in the previous semesters (copy paste from your GraSSP soft copies of previous semesters).

Important Deadlines:

  • GraSSP must be submitted (online) by the student -> supervisor by August 5, 2016
  • PhD Student Presentations will be held during 8-11 August, 2016
  • Department Advisory Committee (DAC) will forward its Comments on the progress of each PhD student to Chairman, Campus Graduate Program on 12 August, 2016

Result of Synopsis Presentations held during Spring 2016

Synopsis presentations were held during April 26-30 by the Department Advisory Committee (DAC). The result of each evaluation is listed in the result report which can be downloaded from here -> Result – Synopsis Presentations SP 2016 (including those who cleared their Fee). Students are advised to carefully see the comments and do the following:

  • Provide missing items (hardcopy, Turnitin submission, presentation) as listed in the comments
  • RESUBMIT: Collect your previously submitted report.
    • Correct mistakes, update report/presentation as stated and RESUBMIT.
    • Provide a rebuttal document which shows what changes you have made to address each suggested correction
  • ADVISE: Where it is written ADVISE, you are not required to do changes in the synopsis. But you MUST be able to answer these questions when you come for Final Presentation.
  • REPRESENT: Prepare for Representation if advised
  • NOT PROCESSED: Submit your outstanding dues for further processing. People on PMFRS are also required to submit all dues as their scholarship is under REIMBURSEMENT SCHEME i.e. you pay your fee as a normal student and PMSRS will give (reimburse) you check later on.
  • Submit Revisions by 10th June, 2016