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Fee Dafaulters

Students who have not cleared dues are required to deposit the remaining dues to avoid any difficulty for final examinations. Coupons will not be issued until clearance of dues.

Pictures Required

The pictures of the following students are required. The same picture is to be appeared on your final transcript. Please submit the picture in my office before end of the week.


Session Reg # Name
FA13 FA13-R01-001 Tassawar Ali
FA13 FA13-R01-016 Ghulam Asfia
FA15 FA15-R01-002 Inayat Ali
FA15 FA15-R01-003 Komal Malik
FA15 FA15-R01-004 Mulika Fatima
FA15 FA15-R01-005 Owais Khan
FA15 FA15-R01-007 Zain Arshad
FA15 FA15-R01-010 Sonia Sabir
FA15 FA15-R01-011 Usman Wazir
FA15 FA15-R01-013 Waleed Akbar
FA15 FA15-R01-014 Beenish Gul
FA15 FA15-R01-015 Anum Khurshid
FA15 FA15-R01-016 Ayesha Jadoon
FA15 FA15-R01-017 Muhammad Jawad Rafeeq
SP14 SP14-R01-007 Ibrar Hussain
SP14 SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor
SP14 SP14-R01-018 Muhammad Siddique
SP14 SP14-R01-020 Yasir Arafat
SP15 SP15-R01-001 Aisha Kalsoom
SP15 SP15-R01-003 Aqsa Batool
SP15 SP15-R01-005 Ejaz Ul Haq
SP15 SP15-R01-007 Naima Khalid
SP15 SP15-R01-009 Syed Awais Kazmi
SP15 SP15-R01-015 Mushtaq Ahmad

Documents defaulters FA16

The following students are required to submit the documents mentioned against their names by Dec. 27, 2016.

Ser # Reg # Name Documents Required
01 FA16-R01-001 Ayesha Syed MSc Part I DMC, Migration Certificate
02 FA16-R01-011 Bilal Bokhari BS Transcript
03 FA16-R01-014 Tahir Ullah BS Transcript, Migration Certificate
04 FA16-R01-016 Muneeb Ahmed Tallah BS Hons Transcript issued by controller of Exam GOMAL University, Migration certificate
05 FA16-R01-017 Syed Muhammad Ammar Hassan Bukhari BS Hons Transcript issued by controller of Exam GOMAL University, Migration certificate
06 FA16-R01-022 Nosheen Akhtar MSc Part I DMC, Migration Certificate
07 FA16-R01-023 Beenish Bibi MSc Part I DMC, Migration Certificate
08 FA16-R01-003 Tariq Khan BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
09 FA16-R01-005 Shad Muhammad BTN Transcript
10 FA16-R01-007 Maria Zuraiz BS Hons Transcript Clear copy, Migration Certificate

Graduate Clearance Forms


The following students are required to visit graduate office (CS), Z359, to sign the graduate clearance form. This is important as it contains your credentials to be printed on final transcript. Final date to sign the form is 15/12/2016. The following are the students.

Ser # Registration Number Student Name
01 FA14-RO1-002 Hajra Qadir
02 FA14-RO1-003 Anza Maqbool
03 FA14-RO1-004 Asad Khan
04 FA14-RO1-009 Misbah Ambreen Raza
05 FA14-RO1-010 Zainul Abedin
06 FA14-RO1-013 Sami Ullah Khan
07 FA14-RO1-016 Dure E Shahwar
08 FA14-RO1-017 Maryam Jadoon
09 SP14-RO1-002 Qurat Ul Ain
10 SP14-RO1-011 Owais Hakeem
11 SP14-RO1-019 Khan Zeb
12 SP15-RO1-004 Asmara Jadoon
13 SP15-RO1-011 Usman Ali Khan
14 SP15-RO1-017 Faiza Masood
15 SP15-RO1-018 Umar Islam

FIT 2016 participation

There is a little change in the list of participant. Please reconfirm your name in the list. Moreover, I need one coordinator from the students who will coordinate with all participating students. Any volunteer please contact me in the graduate office.

14th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT’16) will be held from December 19-21, 2016 at Islamabad Pakistan. The following students are going to participate in FIT. The participation is mandatory and you are requested to schedule your matters accordingly. You can contact graduate office for more information.

  1. All PhD students
  2. Following MS students
    1 CIIT/SP15-R01-001/ATD Aisha Kalsoom
    2 CIIT/SP15-R01-011/ATD Usman Ali Khan
    3 CIIT/SP15-R01-016/ATD Hassan Asghar
    4 CIIT/FA15-R01-010/ATD Sonia Sabir
    5 CIIT/FA15-R01-002/ATD Inayat Ali
    6 CIIT/FA15-R01-005/ATD Owais Khan
    7 CIIT/FA15-R01-015/ATD Anum Khurshid
    8 CIIT/FA15-R01-017/ATD Muhammad Jawad Rafeeq
    9 CIIT/FA16-R17-001/ATD  Adil Adeel
    11 CIIT/FA16-R17-009/ATD Ahsan Majeed
    12 CIIT/FA16-R17-010/ATD Fatima Hameed