Category: New Students

Documents required from the following students

The following students are required to submit the documents mentioned against their names as soon as possible to my office. Failure to provide the documents will result in cancellation of the admission (as communicated by higher authorities)

Sr # CIIT Reg # Student Name Father Name Documents Required
1 SP18-R01-001 Hajira Abbasi Muhammad Saeed Abbasi Migration Certificate
2 SP18-R01-002 Haseeb Hamdan Naseer Ahmed BS Hons Transcript,Migration Certificate
3 SP18-R01-003 Imtiaz Ali Shah Zarjamil Shah MSc Transcript with Seal & Sign, Migration Certificate
4 SP18-R01-006 Raheela Altaf Altaf Ur Rehman MSc Part 1 DMC, Migration Certificate
5 SP18-R01-008 Sahibzada Muhammad Rizwan Sahibzada Muhammad Hanif Migration Certificate
6 SP18-R01-009 Sobia Zaheer Zaheer Hussain Shah Migration Certificate
7 SP18-R01-010 Tauseef Khan Bahramand Migration Certificate
8 SP18-R01-011 Adnan Sabir Mohibullah Migration Certificate
9 SP18-R01-012 Usman Ali Wazir Migration Certificate
10 SP18-R01-013 Ayesha Aslam Muhammad Aslam Migration Certificate
11 SP18-R01-014 Mehwish Faraz Gul Faraz Migration Certificate
12 SP18-R01-015 Ambreen Ilyas Athar Muhammad ilyas Athar Migration Certificate
13 SP18-R01-016 Bushra Waheed Waheed Gul BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
14 SP18-R01-018 Nasir Mehmood Muhammad Ismail Migration Certificate
15 SP18-R01-019 Shanique Ahmed Shafique Ahmed BS Hons Transcript
16 SP18-R01-020 Sardar Muhammad Ali Sardar Munawar Khan BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
17 SP18-R01-022 Waqar Ahmad Ghulam Rahmani Migration Certificate
18 SP18-R01-023 Muhammad Junaid Quershi Muhammad Azeem Migration Certificate

Attendance Correction

Students admitted in of SP16: You can apply for attendance correction due to late registrations especially of those students who were admitted in Phase II of MS admission. You are required to fill an application form available here:

A sample to fill this form is shown in the following figure.



??Students of other batches/sessions: As you were communicated before the start of semester that your attendance will not be corrected if you don???t submit your fee in time; therefore any late registrations due to late fee submission will NOT BE ADDRESSED now. However, there are some exceptions who got late in registeration due to some genuine reasons. You can also submit your application through the given link.