Category: Defaulters

Documents required from students

The following students are advised to immediately submit the required documents in the Graduate Coordinator’s office.

Sr# CIIT Reg # Student Name Father’s Name Documents Required
1 FA18-R01-001 Ahmad Saeed Mula Gul BS Transcript
2 FA18-R01-002 Farhat Bibi Aurang Zaib MSc Part 1 DMC
3 FA18-R01-005 Muhammad Hashim Ali Abbasi Jehanzeb Abbasi BS Transcript
4 FA18-R01-007 Naseem us sehar Saeed Ahmed BS Transcript
5 FA18-R01-008 Nauman khan Drikramullahkhan BS Transcript
6 FA18-R01-009 Mazhar Bukhari Qari Sarwar Shah BS Transcript
7 FA18-R01-011 Abdul Qadir Gul Baz khan Matric DMC,Matric certificate,FSC DMC,FSC certificate,BS Transcript,NIC,Pics
8 FA18-R01-012 Ahsan Zubair Muhammad Zubair BS Transcript
9 FA18-R01-013 Suliman khan Nizam Uddin Matric DMC,Matric certificate,FSC DMC,FSC certificate,BS Transcript,NIC,Pics
10 FA18-R01-015 Nida Zainab Shujaat Hussain Shah Kazmi BS Transcript
11 FA18-R01-016 Asad Ihjaz Muhammad Ihjaz BS Transcript

MS(CS) List of Students With No Registered Course

The following students have not yet registered any course in this semester. Timely payment of fees and registring courses solely student’s responsiblity. Those students who have completed their course work must register for thesis otherwise they can neigher get their synopsis approved nor defend their thesis.

Reg # Name Fee Status
CIIT/FA16-R01-002/ATD Hafiz Raheel Ahmad Abbasi Defaulter
CIIT/FA16-R01-023/ATD Beenish Bibi Defaulter
CIIT/SP15-R01-015/ATD Mushtaq Ahmad Defaulter
CIIT/SP16-R01-001/ATD Chan Awais Defaulter
CIIT/SP16-R01-009/ATD Muhammad Shohib Mir Defaulter
CIIT/SP17-R01-011/ATD Sardar Alam Defaulter
CIIT/SP17-R01-012/ATD Zahra Tariq Defaulter
CIIT/SP18-R01-002/ATD Haseeb Hamdan Defaulter
CIIT/SP18-R01-020/ATD Sardar Muhammad Ali Paid


Documents required from the following students

The following students are required to submit the documents mentioned against their names as soon as possible to my office. Failure to provide the documents will result in cancellation of the admission (as communicated by higher authorities)

Sr # CIIT Reg # Student Name Father Name Documents Required
1 SP18-R01-001 Hajira Abbasi Muhammad Saeed Abbasi Migration Certificate
2 SP18-R01-002 Haseeb Hamdan Naseer Ahmed BS Hons Transcript,Migration Certificate
3 SP18-R01-003 Imtiaz Ali Shah Zarjamil Shah MSc Transcript with Seal & Sign, Migration Certificate
4 SP18-R01-006 Raheela Altaf Altaf Ur Rehman MSc Part 1 DMC, Migration Certificate
5 SP18-R01-008 Sahibzada Muhammad Rizwan Sahibzada Muhammad Hanif Migration Certificate
6 SP18-R01-009 Sobia Zaheer Zaheer Hussain Shah Migration Certificate
7 SP18-R01-010 Tauseef Khan Bahramand Migration Certificate
8 SP18-R01-011 Adnan Sabir Mohibullah Migration Certificate
9 SP18-R01-012 Usman Ali Wazir Migration Certificate
10 SP18-R01-013 Ayesha Aslam Muhammad Aslam Migration Certificate
11 SP18-R01-014 Mehwish Faraz Gul Faraz Migration Certificate
12 SP18-R01-015 Ambreen Ilyas Athar Muhammad ilyas Athar Migration Certificate
13 SP18-R01-016 Bushra Waheed Waheed Gul BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
14 SP18-R01-018 Nasir Mehmood Muhammad Ismail Migration Certificate
15 SP18-R01-019 Shanique Ahmed Shafique Ahmed BS Hons Transcript
16 SP18-R01-020 Sardar Muhammad Ali Sardar Munawar Khan BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
17 SP18-R01-022 Waqar Ahmad Ghulam Rahmani Migration Certificate
18 SP18-R01-023 Muhammad Junaid Quershi Muhammad Azeem Migration Certificate

Unregistered Students


The following students have not yet registered any course. If they fail to register any course, they will be marked absent in the semester.


Registration No Name
CIIT/FA14-R01-003/ATD Anza Maqbool
CIIT/FA14-R01-007/ATD Aamir Ali
CIIT/FA14-R01-009/ATD Misbah Ambreen Raza
CIIT/FA14-R01-012/ATD Seemal Zia
CIIT/FA14-R01-016/ATD Dure E Shahwar
CIIT/FA15-R01-002/ATD Inayat Ali
CIIT/FA15-R01-003/ATD Komal Malik
CIIT/FA15-R01-012/ATD Sana Tanveer Raja
CIIT/FA15-R01-013/ATD Waleed Akbar
CIIT/SP14-R01-001/ATD Awais Sajjad
CIIT/SP14-R01-018/ATD Muhammad Siddique
CIIT/SP15-R01-007/ATD Naima Khalid
CIIT/SP15-R01-015/ATD Mushtaq Ahmad
CIIT/SP15-R01-016/ATD Hassan Asghar
CIIT/SP15-R01-018/ATD Umar Islam
CIIT/SP16-R01-001/ATD Chan Awais
CIIT/SP16-R01-003/ATD Muhammad Naeem
CIIT/SP16-R01-006/ATD Umair Malik
CIIT/SP16-R01-009/ATD Muhammad Shohib Mir
CIIT/SP17-R01-009/ATD Hina Gohar
CIIT/SP17-R17-001/ATD Bilal Bokhari
CIIT/SP17-R17-007/ATD irum bibi
CIIT/SP15-R61-001/ATD Saima

Documents defaulters FA16

The following students are required to submit the documents mentioned against their names by Dec. 27, 2016.

Ser # Reg # Name Documents Required
01 FA16-R01-001 Ayesha Syed MSc Part I DMC, Migration Certificate
02 FA16-R01-011 Bilal Bokhari BS Transcript
03 FA16-R01-014 Tahir Ullah BS Transcript, Migration Certificate
04 FA16-R01-016 Muneeb Ahmed Tallah BS Hons Transcript issued by controller of Exam GOMAL University, Migration certificate
05 FA16-R01-017 Syed Muhammad Ammar Hassan Bukhari BS Hons Transcript issued by controller of Exam GOMAL University, Migration certificate
06 FA16-R01-022 Nosheen Akhtar MSc Part I DMC, Migration Certificate
07 FA16-R01-023 Beenish Bibi MSc Part I DMC, Migration Certificate
08 FA16-R01-003 Tariq Khan BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
09 FA16-R01-005 Shad Muhammad BTN Transcript
10 FA16-R01-007 Maria Zuraiz BS Hons Transcript Clear copy, Migration Certificate

Submit Outstanding dues by 28th

Following students are FEE DEFAULTERS who must have paid their remaining dues by now. You MUST submit your dues by 28th June, 2016 to get your Exam Entry Coupon. PMFRS students should also clear their dues as they have received their cheques from HEC->OOD.

Students ready for Thesis final presentations in Spring 2016 should have cleared their all dues otherwise they will not be allowed to appear in the presentations.

Fee Defaulters - 20th June, 2016
1FA13-R01-001Tassawar Ali17,000
2FA15-R01-012Sana Tanveer Raja8,750
3FA15-R01-014Beenish Gul74,250NTS Scholarship
4SP14-R01-009Allah Noor20,500PMFRS
5SP14-R01-010Asif Umer20,500PMFRS
6SP14-R01-011Owais Hakeem26,000PMFRS
7SP14-R01-020Yasir Arafat8,500
8SP15-R01-005Ejaz Ul Haq34,500
9SP15-R01-015Mushtaq Ahmad56,500
10SP15-R01-018Umar Islam44,000PMFRS
11SP16-R01-010Muneeba jadoon50,500
12SP16-R01-012Asad Ihjaz31,250Not coming for classes
13SP15-R61-001Saima Ghaffar25,800PhD
14SP16-R61-001Nuhman Ul Haq35,500PhD In-house
15SP16-R61-002Muhammad Ibtisam Gul62,600PhD In-house

If the outstanding amount shown in the above table is incorrect then inform me.


Exam Entry Coupon (Mid Term)

@Class CRs (of SP15, FA15, SP16): Receive Exam Entry Coupons of your class from the Graduate Coordinator.

@Students taking courses: You can collect your Mid term Exam Entry Coupon from your class CR. PhD students will collect their coupons directly from the Graduate Coordinator.

@Fee Defaulters: No favour will be extended to the fee defaulters. You can ONLY get your Exam Entry Coupon from the Gradutate Coordinator after submitting your ALL outstanding dues by the deadline which is 6th May, 2016.

CUonline Photo Missing

Following students are required to visit Admin Block, Room N105 – Mr. Gharib Nawaz and get photographed as per following schedule:

  • This (Student) Week: From 10 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Next Week: Wednesday to Friday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM

Mr Gharib Nawaz would be available most of the time with exceptions of Lunch/Prayer break and outside for any other important/urgent assignments. Therefore, if a student visits and does not find him then he/she should try again after an hour.

After Friday May 13, 2016 there will be no more photo-ops session and the Portals of the remaining students would be blocked and they might loose their Sessional-2 results as well. And yes, students should come neat & clean and along with their Student ID card (mandatory)

S.No Registration No Name
1 FA14-R01-002 Hajra Qadir
2 FA14-R01-003 Anza Maqbool
3 FA14-R01-004 Asad Khan
4 FA14-R01-007 Aamir Ali
5 FA14-R01-009 Misbah Ambreen Raza
6 FA14-R01-010 Zainul Abedin
7 FA14-R01-012 Seemal Zia
8 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah Khan
9 FA14-R01-015 UMER IQBAL
10 FA14-R01-016 DURE SHAHWAR
11 FA14-R01-017 Maryam Jadoon
12 FA14-R01-018 Muhammad Usman
13 SP14-R01-001 Awais Sajjad
14 SP14-R01-002 Qurat Ul Ain
15 SP14-R01-003 Muhammad Abrar Khan
16 SP14-R01-006 Sadaf Iftikhar
17 SP14-R01-007 Ibrar Hussain
18 SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor
19 SP14-R01-010 Asif Umer
20 SP14-R01-011 Owais Hakeem
21 SP14-R01-012 Muhammad Raheem
22 SP14-R01-013 Zenib
23 SP14-R01-015 Misba Sikandar
24 SP14-R01-018 Muhammad Siddique
25 SP14-R01-020 Yasir Arafat
26 FA13-R01-001 Tassawar Ali
27 FA13-R01-006 Tayyaba Irshad
28 FA13-R01-007 Ambreen Bibi
29 FA13-R01-010 Mehreen Iftikhar
30 FA13-R01-016 Ghulam Asfia
31 FA13-R01-017 Kanwal Anwar
32 FA12-R01-004 Shazia Raj
33 FA12-R01-008 Hafiz Muhammad Shakeel
34 FA12-R01-021 Abdur Razaq