The following students who have not yet registered any course despite several remainders. This is to advise that if they fail to clear their outstanding dues or to register courses or thesis by 5PM, March 14, the department will initiate the admission cancellation procedure.

Registration No Name Program Fee Status Status
CIIT/FA15-R01-002/ATD Inayat Ali R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA16-R01-002/ATD Hafiz Raheel Ahmad Abbasi R01 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/FA16-R01-006/ATD Sonia Khan R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA16-R01-010/ATD Sadaf Afreen Mughal R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA16-R01-012/ATD Hira Tahir R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA16-R01-015/ATD Kaleem Ahmad R01 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/FA16-R01-021/ATD Muhammad Shafiq R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA17-R01-007/ATD Sajadul Mulk R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/SP14-R01-021/ATD Waseem Khan Jadoon R01 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/SP17-R01-001/ATD Adeel Anjum R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/SP17-R01-014/ATD Syeda Freiha Tanveer R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/SP17-R01-018/ATD Nadia Perveen R01 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/SP17-R01-019/ATD Sana Saeed R01 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA16-R17-003/ATD Tariq Khan R17 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/FA17-R17-002/ATD Ahsan Khan R17 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA17-R17-003/ATD Atlas Gulzar R17 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/FA17-R17-005/ATD Maham Nasir R17 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/FA17-R17-007/ATD Safi ur Rehman R17 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/FA17-R17-009/ATD Wajid Khan R17 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA17-R17-010/ATD Laraib Afzal R17 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/SP17-R17-001/ATD Bilal Bokhari R17 Defaulter PRB
CIIT/SP17-R17-004/ATD Javeria Mughal R17 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/SP17-R17-006/ATD Zeeshan Haider R17 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/SP17-R17-007/ATD Irum Bibi R17 Defaulter GAS
CIIT/FA16-R61-001/ATD Salah-Ud-Din Ayubi R61 Defaulter PRB

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