Seminar: Cyber Security in Banking Sector

A seminar is organized on cyber security in banking sector. All graduate students of the department, specially the students of MS Cyber Security, are encouraged to attend.

Speaker: Mr. Zafar Mir
Date/Time: June 21, 2018 / 15:00 – 16:30
Venue: Z-Block Conference Room

Short Profile of the Speaker:

Zafar Mir
Regional Manager Information Security Risk, Leading Multinational Bank, UAE

Zafar is currently working as the Regional Manager Information Security Risk, in a leading multinational bank, covering 11 countries in MENA region. He has over eighteen (18) years of progressive in various information security risk domains. His area of expertise include risk assessment, risk governance, application security, infrastructure security, cyber security and threat and incident management.

Prior to joining the current job, Middle East, Zafar worked as a Senior Technology Specialist (Security) at one of the largest Canadian Telecommunication company, TELUS. He has also worked at some of the leading organizations including NCR Corporation (Teradata), COMSATS and ExoTech Consulting.

Zafar holds a post graduate degree in Information Security from University of Ontario Institute of Technology and another master’s degree in Control Systems Engineering. He also holds some of the leading information security certifications in the industry. Zafar enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

Registration for Submitting Final Thesis in Spring 2018

MS(CS) and MS(Cyber Security) students who are planning to submit their final thesis this semester are advised to register themselves for the final defense by sending an email to

Email should include the registration number, name, thesis title, supervisor’s name, and co-supervisor’s name. The last date for registration is May 15, 2018.

Note: Your thesis must be registered on CUOnline in this semester to be eligible presenting your thesis.

The students listed here are advised to contact their supervisors and submit a revised synopsis document as per recommendation of the evaluation committee, which have already been shared with the supervisors. Additionally, a rebuttal document signed by the supervisor must be attached to the revised synopsis.  The last date for submitting these documents is May 14th 2018.

Name Enrollment # Supervisor
Sehrish Qummar FA16-R01-005 Dr. Fiaz Gul Khan
Jaffar Hussain FA16-R01-003 Dr. Abdul Nasir
Muhammad Shafiq FA16-R01-021 Dr.Ahmad Khan
Foqia Habib FA16-R01-009 Dr.Attiqa Rehman
Um-e-Farwa FA16-R01-007 Dr.Babar Nazir
Zubair Khan FA16-R01-008 Dr.Zia-ur-Rehman
Chan Awais SP16-R01-001 Dr. Junaid Shuja

Indigenous PhD Fellowships

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced 5000 indigenous scholarships for PhD fellows to complete the doctoral studies from the commission’s recognized universities. The deadline for applying for the scholarships is May 07 2018.

Photographs Required

The following students are advised to visit Room N-105 (Admin Block) within this week for having their photos taken for official records.

FA16-R01-002    Hafiz Raheel Ahmad Abbasi
FA16-R01-004    Kamran Zahoor
FA16-R01-005    Sehrish Qummar
FA16-R01-007    Um E Farwa
FA16-R01-008    Zubair Khan
FA16-R01-009    Foqia Habib
FA16-R01-012    Hira Tahir
FA16-R01-015    Kaleem Ahmad
FA16-R01-016    Muneeb Ahmad Tallah
FA16-R01-020    Anwar Kamran Wazir
FA16-R01-023    Beenish Bibi
FA16-R01-024    Aneesa Bashir
SP16-R01-005    Sara Shafique
SP16-R01-007    Faiza Bibi
SP16-R01-009    Muhammad Shohib Mir
SP16-R01-011    Saira Manzoor
FA15-R01-012    Sana Tanveer Raja
FA15-R01-013    Waleed Akbar
SP15-R01-001    Aisha Kalsoom
SP15-R01-002    Altafur Rahman
SP15-R01-003    Aqsa Batool
SP15-R01-004    Asmara Jadoon
SP15-R01-007    Naima Khalid
SP15-R01-015    Mushtaq Ahmad

Synopsis presentations schedule and guidelines

All of those who want to present synopsis in SP18 are requested to please register yourself for the presentation. You can register by sending an email to with the following information ( registration should be done before 12 noon on April 10).

registration number,      name,     thesis topic,      supervisor name

Synopsis presentations will be starting on April 16, 2018. Schedule will be posted once the registration ends.

Please go through the following guidelines while selecting problem for your synopsis presentation. 

Problem statement should be clear and concise backed by latest reference (up to 4 years old). Problem statement may belong to one of the following cases.

1. The problem is new and has not been dealt by anyone before (The problem has not been dealt before. This claim will be verified by the committee by looking at the work in that particular domain. In this case a justification is needed for: a) for the problem itself that whatever you are presenting is the problem and needs to be solved. Moreover, what benefit is there for solving this problem (This would be the motivation)

2. The problem is not new and has been worked on by the community. In that case shortcomings in the existing work need to be identified. Moreover, what are the benefits by solving the issue (or why there is need to solve that particular issue)

3. The problem is not new and has been fully worked on. You want to reconsider the problem with a new approach (You basically want to improve some evaluation criteria). In this particular case, you need to identify the theoretical basis that you think will improve the identified parameter. What are the theoretical grounds upon which you think the parameter will be improved.

Documents required from the following students

The following students are required to submit the documents mentioned against their names as soon as possible to my office. Failure to provide the documents will result in cancellation of the admission (as communicated by higher authorities)

Sr # CIIT Reg # Student Name Father Name Documents Required
1 SP18-R01-001 Hajira Abbasi Muhammad Saeed Abbasi Migration Certificate
2 SP18-R01-002 Haseeb Hamdan Naseer Ahmed BS Hons Transcript,Migration Certificate
3 SP18-R01-003 Imtiaz Ali Shah Zarjamil Shah MSc Transcript with Seal & Sign, Migration Certificate
4 SP18-R01-006 Raheela Altaf Altaf Ur Rehman MSc Part 1 DMC, Migration Certificate
5 SP18-R01-008 Sahibzada Muhammad Rizwan Sahibzada Muhammad Hanif Migration Certificate
6 SP18-R01-009 Sobia Zaheer Zaheer Hussain Shah Migration Certificate
7 SP18-R01-010 Tauseef Khan Bahramand Migration Certificate
8 SP18-R01-011 Adnan Sabir Mohibullah Migration Certificate
9 SP18-R01-012 Usman Ali Wazir Migration Certificate
10 SP18-R01-013 Ayesha Aslam Muhammad Aslam Migration Certificate
11 SP18-R01-014 Mehwish Faraz Gul Faraz Migration Certificate
12 SP18-R01-015 Ambreen Ilyas Athar Muhammad ilyas Athar Migration Certificate
13 SP18-R01-016 Bushra Waheed Waheed Gul BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
14 SP18-R01-018 Nasir Mehmood Muhammad Ismail Migration Certificate
15 SP18-R01-019 Shanique Ahmed Shafique Ahmed BS Hons Transcript
16 SP18-R01-020 Sardar Muhammad Ali Sardar Munawar Khan BS Hons Transcript, Migration Certificate
17 SP18-R01-022 Waqar Ahmad Ghulam Rahmani Migration Certificate
18 SP18-R01-023 Muhammad Junaid Quershi Muhammad Azeem Migration Certificate

Unregistered Students

The following students are not yet registered in SP18. If they fail to register till tommorow, they will be considered absent in this semester

Sr. # Registration No Name Father Name Current CGPA Out Standing Amount
1 CIIT/FA15-R01-003/ATD Komal Malik Muhammad Iqbal Malik 3.68 15500
2 CIIT/FA15-R01-013/ATD Waleed Akbar Arshad Munir 3.41 20500
3 CIIT/FA16-R01-002/ATD Hafiz Raheel Ahmad Abbasi Tufail Ahmad Abbasi 3.34 23125
4 CIIT/FA16-R01-005/ATD Sehrish Qummar Qummar Messey 3.49 -44000
5 CIIT/FA16-R01-007/ATD Um E Farwa Muhammad Irshad 3.68 -31000
6 CIIT/FA16-R01-009/ATD Foqia Habib Habib Ur Rehman 3.92 32625
7 CIIT/FA16-R01-010/ATD Sadaf Afreen Mughal GH Rabbani Mughal 3.23 500
8 CIIT/FA16-R01-022/ATD Nosheen Akhtar M. Shafiq ur Rehman 3.1 48125
9 CIIT/FA16-R01-024/ATD Aneesa Bashir Muhammad Bashir 3.61 32625
10 CIIT/SP14-R01-001/ATD Awais Sajjad Sajjad Ahmed Qazi 3.14 16000
11 CIIT/SP14-R01-020/ATD Yasir Arafat Anwar Ali 3.2 10500
12 CIIT/SP15-R01-005/ATD Ejaz Ul Haq Rashid Ibrahim 3.16 20000
13 CIIT/SP15-R01-015/ATD Mushtaq Ahmad Muhammad Abid 3.11 20000
14 CIIT/SP16-R01-001/ATD Chan Awais Chan Zeb 3.19 15375
15 CIIT/SP16-R01-006/ATD Umair Malik Muhammad Zubair 3.41 0
16 CIIT/SP16-R01-009/ATD Muhammad Shohib Mir Mir Muhammad Shair 3.36 0
17 CIIT/SP17-R01-011/ATD Sardar Alam Muhammad Alam 3.54 146625