Final Internal Presentations

Final Internal Presentations are scheduled as per following schedule. It is important to note that presentation will only be held if you have proof of paper submission from your thesis work.

Sr. # ID Name Date Time
1 SP15-R01-009 Syed Awais Kazmi 18-12-17 10:00 AM
2 SP15-R01-016 Hassan Asghar 18-12-17 10:40 AM
3 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah khan 18-12-17 11:20 AM
4 SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor 18-12-17 12:00 noon
5 Sp15-R01-017 Faiza Masood 19-12-17 10:00 AM
6 FA15-R01-004 Mulika Fatima 19-12-17 10:40 AM
7 Fa14-R01-017 Maryam Jadoon 19-12-17 11:20 AM
8 SP14-R01-007 Ibrar Hussain 19-12-17 12:00 noon
9 SP15-R01-018 Umar Islam 19-12-17 12:40 PM
10 FA14-R01-002 Hajra Qadir 20-12-17 10:00 AM
11 SP15-R01-002 Altaf Ur Rahman 20-12-17 10:40 AM
12 SP14-R01-018 Muhammad Siddique 20-12-17 11:20 AM
13 Fa15-r01-005 Owais Khan 20-12-17 12:00 noon

Students going for FIT’17

The following students are selected for FIT’17 participation. All are requested to contact Mr. Waleed of MS(CS) for further information and coordination.

S.No Registration # Name
1 FA16-R01-008 Zubair Khan
2 FA16-R01-017 Syed Muhammad Ammar Hassan Bukhari
3 FA16-R01-022 Nosheen Akhtar
4 FA16-R01-024 Aneesa Bashir
5 SP17-R01-012 Zahra Tariq
6 SP17-R01-020 Shahid Iqbal
7 SP17-R01-009 Hina Gohar
8 SP17-R01-013  Shah Jehan
9 FA15-R01-014 Beenish Gul
10 FA16-R17-003 Tariq Khan
11 FA16-R17-005 Shad Muhammad
12 FA16-R17-007 Maria Zuraiz
13 SP17-R17-008 Faisal Aziz
14 FA17-R17-010 Laraib Afzal Khan
15 SP17-R01-005 Ali Iqbal

Participation in FIT

15th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT’17) will be held from December 18-20, 2017 at Islamabad. All those who are  interested to participate should email me till 23 Nov. 2017 before 12:00 noon. 8 students from MS (CS) and 7 from MS (Cyber Security) will be nominated. Nomination will be on FCFS basis.

Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarships (SSMS) Master Level for the year 2017-2018 (Fall 2017 Intake)

Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) has announced Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarships (SSMS) Master  Level for the year 2017-2018 (Fall 2017 Intake).

The last date for the submission of application form is Friday, November 17, 2017.
In order to make the selection process more transparent Provision of following documents shall be mandatory for nominated candidates.
· Domicile Certificate
· Utility bills (Electricity, Gas, Telephone)
· Death Certificate in case parents/Guardian is deceased
· Form “B” stating Number of Family members
· Income Certificate and Pension book/copy (where applicable) In case of  business, affidavit stating income details.
· If living in Rented house, Rent agreement shall be attached.
· Siblings Fee slips if studying
· Details of Academic Record, copies of degrees/ transcripts.
· Details of any previous scholarship availed during Academic career
· CNIC of Applicant and Guardian/Parents.
· Any other detail showing source of Income(Property/Business etc)

You can download the form -> Form and Eligibility Criteria SSMS, 2017-18

Results for First Internal Presentations

Dear Students

Following are the results for first internal presentations. Please note that “cleared for next presentation” does not mean a clearance in the current shape and form of your work. Comments of the committee have been forwarded to your respective supervisors. You can collect the comments and start working on them. Moreover, please note that you will be eligible for final presentation ONLY IF YOU SPEND AT LEAST NINE HOURS A WEEK IN THE CAMPUS and show/discuss your work to/with the supervisor. Your supervisor will mark your attendance  and graduate office will collect attendance on weekly basis.

Sr. # ID Name Result
1 SP15-R01-009 Syed Awais Kazmi cleared for next presentation
2 SP15-R01-016 Hassan Asghar cleared for next presentation
3 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah khan cleared for next presentation
4 SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor cleared for next presentation
5 Sp15-R01-017 Faiza Masood cleared for next presentation
6 FA15-R01-004 Mulika Fatima cleared for next presentation
7 Fa14-R01-017 Maryam Jadoon cleared for next presentation
8 SP14-R01-007 Ibrar Hussain cleared for next presentation
9 SP15-R01-018 Umar Islam cleared for next presentation
10 FA14-R01-012 Seemal Zia to be evaluated in next semester
11 FA14-R01-002 Hajra Qadir cleared for next presentation
12 SP15-R01-002 Altaf Ur Rahman cleared for next presentation
13  FA15-R01-010 Sonia Sabir to be evaluated in next semester
14 SP14-R01-018 Muhammad Siddique decision in next presentation
15  FA14-R01-016 Dureshahwar to be evaluated in next semester
16 Fa15-r01-005 Owais Khan cleared for next presentation

Internet of Things, Raspberry PIs, Linux O/S, and Python Programming

A workshop is arranged by CS Department in which students will be presented with basics of Internet of Things, Raspberry PIs, Linux O/S, and Python Programming. Some demos will be presented of IoT equipment, including sensor reading, sensor programming using Python, and linux. All those interested in IoT, sensors, raspberry Pis, python programming, and linux are highly encouraged to join. Date 19 Oct. Venue: Main Auditorium, 10:00 AM

Synopsis Presentations FA17

All those who are planning to present their synopsis proposals in this semester are informed that synopsis
presentations will be held from October 23 – October 27, 2017. You are required to prepare your
synopsis report and presentation in the meantime. You are also required to send soft copy of your proposal and
presentation to before October 19, 2017. Any proposal sent after the deadline will not be
entertained in this semester. Things to remeber:

1. There will be only one synopsis presentation that will either be cleared or rejected. In case of rejection, you
will be presenting in next semester.

2. Any supervisor can only supervise 3 (three) thesis at any given time (where 2 co-supervisions make one full
supervision). so be careful in choosing the supervisors.


Schedule for First Internal Presentations

Following is the schedule for first internal presentations. Note that every student has got a specific time slot of 30 minutes. You have to complete your presentation in 20 minutes and 10 minutes are for laptop setting and question answers. Anyone who misses the time slot will not be entertained.

Sr. # ID Name Date Time
1 SP15-R01-009 Syed Awais Kazmi 09-Oct-17 10:00 AM
2  SP15-R01-003 Aqsa Batool 09-Oct-17 10:40 AM
3 SP15-R01-016 Hassan Asghar 09-Oct-17 11:20 AM
4 Sp15-R01-004 Asmara Jadoon 09-Oct-17 12:00Noon
5 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah khan 09-Oct-17 3:30 PM
6 SP14-R01-009 Allah Noor 10-Oct-17 10:00 AM
7 Sp15-R01-017 Faiza Masood 10-Oct-17 10:40 AM
8  FA15-R01-010 Sonia Sabir 10-Oct-17 11:20 AM
9 Fa14-R01-017 Maryam Jadoon 10-Oct-17 12:00Noon
10 SP14-R01-007 Ibrar Hussain 10-Oct-17 12:40 PM
11 SP15-R01-018 Umar Islam 10-Oct-17 3:00 PM
12 FA14-R01-012 Seemal Zia 11-Oct-17 10:00 AM
13 FA15-R01-014 Beenish Gul 11-Oct-17 10:40 AM
14 SP15-R01-001 Aisha Kalsoom 11-Oct-17 11:20 AM
15 FA14-R01-002 Hajra Qadir 11-Oct-17 12:00Noon
16 SP14-RO1-001 Awais Sajjad 11-Oct-17 12:40 PM
17 FA15-R01-016 Ayesha jadoon 12-Oct-17 10:00 AM
18 SP15-R01-002 Altaf Ur Rahman 12-Oct-17 10:40 AM
19 SP16-R01-009 M. Shohib Mir 12-Oct-17 11:20 AM
20 FA15-R01-004 Mulika Fatima 12-Oct-17 12:00Noon
21 SP14-R01-018 Muhammad Siddique 12-Oct-17 12:40 PM
22 FA14-R01-013 Sami Ullah khan 13-Oct-17 10:00 AM
23  FA14-R01-016 Dureshahwar 13-Oct-17 10:40 AM